You will be eligible to enroll your unit with us after you have accepted your unit and settled the turnover fees.  During enrollment, you will be required to sign a lease service agreement and turn over a complete set of unit keys.

Pro-Excel Leasing offers a non-exclusive leasing program to our unit owners.  The unit owners/Lessors still have the option to personally lease their unit.

Pro-Excel leasing does not charge any fee during unit enrollment.

Pro-Excel leasing does not guarantee to lease your unit within a specified period of time. The Leasing team, though, will exert their best effort to market your unit appropriately and shall provide you feedback every time your unit has been showcased to a potential Lessee.

The Lessee shall settle one (1) month advance rental and two (2) months security deposit prior to moving in.

Pro-Excel Leasing encourages the Lessee to issue post-dated checks for the rental payments.  However, it is the Lessor’s discretion if a direct deposit or post-dated checks will be acceptable as the Lessee’s mode of rental payment.  Pro-Excel Leasing is not authorized to accept or safe keep any rental payments.  It is the Lessee’s responsibility to deposit the rental payments to the Lessor’s account.